We believe the church is the means God has designed

to get the Gospel to the whole world. We support missionaries that take this good news to many countries to which we can never go. We also organize annual missions trips and we have a goal of visiting each of our supported missionaries in person. These trips help open our eyes to the condition of the world and how good we have it as Americans. They are life changing experiences and we encourage all who can to go on one.

Dave Barnhouse -  Zambia, Africa

Chris Birkholz - Honduras

Don Carney -  Merida, Mexico

Jean Rousseau -  Quebec, Canada

Jerry Dumoulin -  New York

Jim Bracelin -  Silent Word Ministries (New York)

Joaquin Lopez -  La Nou De Gaia, Spain

John Weldon -  Moldova, Russia

Jon Glass -   Poland

Rey Martinez - Lakota Sioux Indians (South Dakota)

Robbie Morrison -  All Points Baptist Mission

Ronnie Doss -  Honduras

Tim Hawkins -  Brazil

Will Klassen -  Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, Mexico